If you want to lose weight or gain muscle through exercise, then you must want to know your recent physical changes, which means that an ordinary weight scale can’t meet the complex needs, then a qualified body fat scale is your weapon. Today we will introduce an affordable and easy to use sports helper for everyone – HUAWEI smart body fat scale.
HUAWEI Smart Body Fat Scale

HUAWEI Smart Body Fat Scale is the first body fat scale product launched by HUAWEI. It can help users measure about 11 body accurate data, such as body weight, body fat percentage, body score, body age, water rate, basal metabolic rate, internal fat grade, muscle mass, bone mass, protein and BMI etc. In addition, HUAWEI smart body fat scale adopts a single high precision BIA chip design, equipped with four medical-grade high-precision pressure sensors, even if it is only a slight change of 0.1 kg, it can be accurately measured. Also users can connect to the mobile app for big data analysis, and gradually develop the rules of healthy exercise diet every day.

What is the actual use effect of Huawei smart body fat scale? Is it worth buying? With these questions, we have actually tested it and evaluated the objective and real data in detail.

Question 1: What is a body fat scale?
The body fat scale can measure the percentage of body fat in the body, which is the body fat percentage. The lower the fat rate of a human body, the thinner it will look.
HUAWEI Smart Body Fat Scale

Most of the body fat scales currently used in the market use BIA (bioimpedance analysis), the full name is "bioelectrical impedance analysis method", that is, several electrodes are attached to the skin of the human body, and then a harmless micro current is introduced to calculate the proportion of human tissue. The principle is to rely on the difference in conductivity between the fat and other parts, that is, the difference in resistance to obtain the calculation result. The reason for the difference in electrical resistance is that the water content of fat and other parts is different, the water in the fat is very small, and the water is electrically conductive, so the content of different tissues can be measured according to this method.

Question 2: What is the difference between HUAWEI Smart Body Grease Scale and other body fat scales?
At present, there are various brands of intelligent body fat scale products on the market, but the quality is uneven. Since the principle of body fat scale measurement is the conductivity of different parts of the body, the current practice of body fat scales on the market is still adopts metal electrode sheets, which requires the user to strictly stand at the position of the electrode sheets during measurement. This is not only easy to cause inaccurate measurement, but also inconvenient to use.
HUAWEI Smart Body Fat Scale

The HUAWEI smart body fat scale removes the cold electrode metal sheet and uses the hidden environmentally metal-less ITO layer for enhanced sensitivity, so that the entire front glass can be impedance tested. That is to say, when the friends stand on the scale, they don't need to stand in "precision" like other body fat scales, which is very convenient to use.

Question 3: Is HUAWEI smart body fat scale really accurate?
It should be noted that it is necessary to stand barefoot on the body fat scale when measuring body fat, and then a small amount of current will be introduced into the human body, and the body fat rate can be measured. The hidden LED screen of HUAWEI body fat scale can display two data of weight and fat rate, and can test the fat rate without even taking out your smartphone.

Let's test the accuracy of Huawei's smart body fat scale. First we found a male colleague weighing about 74.5kg.
HUAWEI Smart Body Fat Scale

The official data of HUAWEI body fat scale shows that its index value is 0.1kg. In order to test its accuracy, the male colleague drank a cup of pure water about 100 ml. The below picture shows that the data is 0.1kg more than before, and the weight of 100ml water is theoretically about 0.1kg. It can be seen that the accuracy of HUAWEI intelligent body fat scale has indeed reached the official 0.1kg.
HUAWEI Smart Body Fat Scale

Question 4: How does HUAWEI smart body fat scale achieve intelligent control?
Then how to check the health value such as body fat rate after measurement? At this time, we need to download a HUAWEI smart body fat scale APP. According to the instructions, the HUAWEI smart body fat scale can be configured to realize the intelligent control of the mobile phone. After the APP is opened, fill in your height and weight and complete the registration. The first time you need to use the Wi-Fi network to bind, you can complete the connection after entering the password. The process is very simple and convenient.
HUAWEI Smart Body Fat Scale

After connecting the APP, you can check your body weight, body fat percentage, body score, body age, water rate and other 11 body data in detail, and get a more comprehensive understanding of your physical condition.
Combined with big data analysis, the system will generate daily, weekly, monthly, and annual data trend graphs based on daily measurement results, allowing users to grasp the subtle changes in physical indicators in timely, and also customize health management for users, giving users professional suggestions on sports and diet.

In order to allow more users to use HUAWEI smart body fat, the APP also supports auto-recognition of up to 10 users & easy sharing to mainstream social media. Just click on the icon at the top of the screen and select the “Family Members” button to add new users. You can choose which user to use data for each measurement.

Moreover, the APP interface of HUAWEI Intelligent Body Fat Scale is clear and easy to operate, and the content is rich and colorful, which is a good assistant for user health management.

Based on the above test data, HUAWEI smart body fat scale is very good in terms of product performance, design and human intelligence. Its single chip design can provide users with accurate measurement data. At the same time, it can also connect to the cloud big data analysis, provide 11 body test values, and provide users with health training, reasonable diet and other guidance suggestions, which can make you go further on the road of lose weight and fitness. This product is currently priced at low price, which is very recommended to buy.