With the development of Bluetooth headsets, more and more people use sports Bluetooth headsets in their daily lives, perhaps because the sports Bluetooth headsets are small and exquisite, easy to wear and carry, or because they want to keep up with fashion trends. I have used a lot of wired and wireless headphones in recent years, and now I want to try the Bluetooth sports headphones to see what kind of sports experience it will bring.

After selection and comparison, I chose HUAWEI Honor xSport Bluetooth headset. The reason for choosing it is because of my love for Honor products. From mobile phones to sports bracelets, a series of products have increased my trust to Honor. However, we all know that the popularity of HUAWEI headphones is not as good as that of Sennheiser, Iron Triangle, etc. What is the performance of this headset? Let us take a closer look at this headset!

The blue and white outer packaging is printed with the glory logo, the headphone picture and the parameters and characteristics of the product.
Original Huawei Honor AM61 Wireless Bluetooth Xsport Earphone

Open the outer packaging, which contains headphones, storage box, and instructions. The earphones can be conveniently placed in the storage box, and there are two sets of earmuffs (L, S) and Micro USB charging cable in the storage box, plus the medium size earmuffs on the earphones, totally there are three sizes of earmuffs are available for selection.

The design of the earmuffs is very cute, looks like a pea shooter of the plant vs. zombie, and the silicone earmuffs are soft and comfortable to touch. The magnetic design of the earphones is automatically absorbed after being taken out, and the headphone cable will not be tangled and twisted.
Original Huawei Honor AM61 Wireless Bluetooth Xsport Earphone

Actual using experience
1. Lightweight, Secure & Comfortable
The earphones are very light, the weight of the single ear is only 5g, which makes people feel very relaxed when wearing, and there are three pairs of earmuffs for choosing according to the size of the ear. The shark-fin ear-wings can hold the earphone to the ear firmly, so don't worry that the headphones will fall when running, skipping or do other strenuous exercises.

The wireless design can be worn without binding and perfectly fits the human ear. When you don't want to listen to the song and hang the earphones around your neck, the magnetic adsorption function of the earphones makes it to be decoration of stylish, which adds a little color to the movement. In addition, the waterproof performance of this earphones reaches IP55 rated, although it cannot be worn while swimming, but there is no pressure for sweat.
Original Huawei Honor AM61 Wireless Bluetooth Xsport Earphone

Bluetooth connection
Many people are worried that the Bluetooth headset is unstable during the movement, and the intermittent music will destroy the good mood during the exercise. Therefore, the Honor xSport is equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 technology for stable connection, which can be adapted to Android and IOS system devices. When pairing for the first time, you need to long press the middle function button for 2-4 seconds to start, and it will automatically enter the pairing state. At this time, there will be a voice prompt “Waiting for connection”, then the user only needs to open the phone to connect. It also supports the connection of two mobile phones, pairing them separately and then connecting them at the same time. And its Bluetooth transmission range can reach 10 meters, don't worry about disconnection.
Original Huawei Honor AM61 Wireless Bluetooth Xsport Earphone

The sound quality experience
In terms of sound quality, I chose several songs with different styles to test. The overall effect is very good, the sound quality is very emotional, and the human voice is nature and pure. And the earphone also uses a 11mm moving coil unit to ensure that the bass can also show a certain effect.
Original Huawei Honor AM61 Wireless Bluetooth Xsport Earphone

Fast charging, Long Battery life
In terms of battery life, the performance of this earphone is also very good. The official data says that it can be used for 10 days standby, 11 hours of battery life. After my actual test, the battery was still full after listening to the headset for two hours, and I had to say that the battery life was amazing. In addition, the USB data cable can be charged at any time, and it can be charged with the power bank when emergency, which can meet normal needs for most people who listen to one or two hours of songs a day.
Original Huawei Honor AM61 Wireless Bluetooth Xsport Earphone

The results of this evaluation can still be worthy of my trust to Honor products. Of course, the main advantage of this headset is the price and performance. It is also very good to use the Honor mobile phone, bracelet and this headset together, which can bring a hearty music experience during the exercise.