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HUAWEI Smart Body Fat Scale
If you want to lose weight or gain muscle through exercise, then you must want to know your recent physical changes, which means that an ordinary weight scale can’t meet the complex needs, then a qualified body fat scale is your weapon. Today we will introduce an affordable and easy to use sports helper for everyone – HUAWEI smart body fat scale.Read More
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Original Huawei Honor AM61 Wireless Bluetooth Xsport Earphone
With the development of Bluetooth headsets, more and more people use sports Bluetooth headsets in their daily lives, perhaps because the sports Bluetooth headsets are small and exquisite, easy to wear and carry, or because they want to keep up with fashion trends. I have used a lot of wired and wireless headphones in recent years, and now I want to try the Bluetooth sports headphones to see what kind of sports experience it will bring.Read More
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HUAWEI P30 Pro Snorkelling Case
HUAWEI P30 Pro Snorkelling Case has a physical button design, which can ensure that the mobile phone can be operated by pressing the button under the water. The back of the case also provides a visible window for the camera. At the same time, the diving protection shell with a transparent window design to support the touch screen on the water.Read More
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The HUAWEI P30 wireless charging case is designed by official HUAWEI, Open mold according to real mobile phone with precise function holes. Completely fit the mobile phone, with four-corner all-inclusive structure, no matter the visual experience or using experience.Read More
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HUAWEI P30 Review
HUAWEI P20 Pro firmly occupied the first place in the DxOMark list in 2018, but with the release of the P30 series, the ranking of the P20 series and other mobile phones can only retreat slightly. Of course, evaluating a flagship machine can't just look at the camera function. The overall development is what we want to see. Next, let's take a look at the comprehensive strength of the new HUAWEI P30 series.Read More
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